Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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& stay with her to convalesce she generally has a few chaps out there. She asked me to call when I felt fit. Well a couple of days ago Mrs Summons who spends all her time over here among the patients doing excellent work, wife of Major Summons of Victoria who is Registrar here, brought an invitation to me from Mrs Branch to go & convalesce at her home which is in the centre of the beautiful Ghizeh Gardens. Of course I jumped at it, my doctor Capt Knight being agreeable, but when it was put before Col Mordsley (C.O.) he just shook his head, anyhow I hope to be allowed to go in the end for a week or so. Louch is already there. Hospital trains arrive here every few days bringing their loads of sick & wounded to be distributed amongst the Hospitals. There are a great many now. Have heard no news at all from front lately. But there is a rumour floating round that transport carrying 21st Batn (Vic) was torpedoed but it is not official & there are no particulars to hand. Wednesday 16th. My happy stay at Heliopolis came to an end on Tuesday morning when I was transferred to Al Hayat Convalescent Hospital Helouan Got word my commn was gazetted last Saturday was allowed to take advantage of it Monday when I got permission to [Page 61]