Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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go into Cairo to draw some of the needful & get some appropriate clothing & by jove it does run away with the money. I have to thank Sisters Jackson Marilyn Scott Smith & Tyers for the kind treatment I received while at Heliopolis Arrived out here Helouan Tuesday morning & am now ensconsed in the Officers quarters At Hayat Hotel is a winter pleasure resort a beautiful high position on edge of desert about 20 miles from Cairo the Nile with its fertile flats is visible from here with the Pyramids of Sakhara in the distance There are about 30 Officers & some hundred men recuperating here. Some of them are being sent to England or Australia on furlough. I reckon in some cases men have imaginary complaints to get this furlough & then so few are discharged fit for active service & so many for light duties in Egypt. I have heard rumours of our Division being hauled out of the line for a spell & to reorganise let's hope it is true. My room here No 67 shared with a Capt Paull of Moora 16th Batn, only a boy of 24 summers promoted at Anzac, is on the upper floor & is extremely comfortable fine beds wardrobe chest of drawers wash stand & table & chairs with small balcony in front with cane lounges. Then we have natives to wait upon us. We dine during the day in the dining hall & at night on the piazza at small tables seating at the most four, everything is of the [Page 62]