Beresford Bardwell World War I diary 1915

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best & the meals are excellent Officers are allowed out for walks but it is fairly difficult to get into Cairo unless one just walks out catches the train & chances to being caught. Hilhusay who was wounded first day is here as & runs the place under the Adjutant an excellent job. I have also met Jack Bonney, Harry Payne & several other boys I know here Wednesday afternoon went with Capt Paull & paid visit to some acquaintances of his in Helouan & at 9 pm we went with them to the observatory here being invited by a Mr Price a mechanic there & had a look at the stars. They have the 4th strongest telescope in the world here with 32 inch lens, but we were unable to see it. Taking the day on the whole I did not enjoy myself so very much as I was not very interested in the people & the walking is still pretty solid on my weak joint [signature] B E Bardwell Lieut 1915 [Page 64]